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SHARE Lab ⁘ Gary Zhexi Zhang ⁘ SUPERCELL ⁘ Millicent Hawk



The fantasy of promise must never go to waste.


Scurrying across individual platform wheels``` an entrepreneurial self creating the perfect brand image whilst a darker manifestation lurks in the holes of networks, behind platforms, through portals and under seas.


These are the minds and the minds are the market~~~ For driving invisible hands towards glorious monopolisations. Mega rich histories. Ivory towers. Echo chambers. Glass ceilings. Silicon valley start-ups - the futuristic tech industries - dedicated to commitment and excellence in hoarding billions off the back of beautiful, entrepreneurial you.


'Neoliberalism doesn’t simply win because they take over the state, although it helps.  It wins because it’s a convincing story of who I am and what we can hope for – it’s a very upbeat story.'


Mont Pelerin Society is how this story starts and spills - to manipulation of markets and economic promise. ‘Politically bankrupt, intellectually stagnant, and aesthetically predictable.’﹋﹌




This is Neoliberal Grooming.



``` Ilana Gershon sights Facebook as training wheels for the neoliberal self

Philip Mirowski, author of Where do Neoliberals Go After the Market

﹋﹌On Tirdad Zolghadr's Traction



SHARE Lab is a research and data investigation collective for exploring different technical aspects of the intersections between technology and society.

Gary Zhexi Zhang is an artist and researcher interested in distributed systems, including biological swarms, networked sex and national internets. Recent projects have involved workshops for DIY teledildonics, and a film about parasites. As a writer, he is a regularly contributor to Frieze and other publications. Recent exhibitions include ‘All Channels Open’ at Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire and ‘Beyond Telepathy’ at Somerset House. In 2017, he will be in residence at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art and CCA Creative Lab, Glasgow.

SUPERCELL is a fluid and amorphous experimental art and technology collective forming decentralised social networks with mutual interests as the basis of function. SUPERCELL's Prototype is a digital network for up to ten users, activated on screen via web browser on mobile phones and devices. SUPERCELL was formed by Millicent Hawk and Prototype was coded by Andy Anderson, full stack developer and software engineer. Thanks to Graham Stevens, interdisciplinary specialist (environmental science, art, architecture, and law) and Scott Wark, who studies internet memes.

Millicent Hawk is an interdisciplinary conceptual artist whose work explores the evolution and enmeshment of organic and machinic ecologies through a gender-conscious lens. In 2015 Hawk founded Avalanche - an artist-run lounge in Peckham - whose programme relates to her work and research. She is a volunteer on the Executive Committee for Artists’ Union England and principally works with other artist-led project spaces and initiatives.